Guide to Towing Your Camper in Minnesota

Guide to Towing Your Camper in Minnesota

Guide to Towing Your Camper in Minnesota

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If we know anything, it’s the simple fact that Minnesota is a beautiful state that deserves to be explored to the fullest. This is the kind of area that provides you with true wilderness, and experiences that can never be matched if you stick to the suburbs and the cities. Today we want to focus on the Ram truck that you should own for towing a camper, the kind of parts that you can gain to make towing easier, safe towing tips, and some of the best places in the state to visit! We know that it’s always a big deal to get a new vehicle, or perhaps to even finally make the decision to get out camping. No matter what, we’ll be here with our sales professionals and our impressive service center that can provide you with true expertise at every turn. We hope you’ll continue reading down below to see how you can become confident when towing your camper in no time at all. It’s time to make your weekends that much better.

What trucks does Ram offer?

When it comes to towing, there is no better pickup truck brand on the market than Ram. They make sure that you have a great lineup of full-sized trucks to choose from that will never make you feel like you are lacking on power. The first of these trucks is the Ram 1500. This truck can get as much as 12,750 pounds of towing when you get the 5.7-liter V8 engine. That is a huge towing number to contend with, and proves that no matter what, Ram trucks have your back. Should you be looking for larger numbers, depending on the size of the camper that you are driving around with, you could be looking for a Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 heavy-duty option. In the case with these models, you will certainly not be dealing with weak numbers. The highest towing number that you will get with a heavy-duty Ram is a stunning 37,100 pounds. Stop by Coon Rapids CDJR today to check out our Ram inventory.

Can you tell me some of the best places to camp in Minnesota?

Okay, so you have the truck and your camper, but where are you headed? We already told you what you already know: Minnesota is a beautiful state. There is no wrong decision here when it comes to places where you might want to spend a weekend. We’re only here to give you some inspiration in case you were lacking in any. One place we’ll always recommend is Woodefrog Campground in Kabetogama State Forest. You’ll get beautiful views, swimming beaches, a boat ramp, and all of the hiking trails you could ever be searching for. You could also consider Split Rock State Park. You will be able to take a closer look at Split Rock Lighthouse, you can travel on one of the many hiking tails, have scenic picnics, and even go sailing on Lake Superior. Our final suggestion is Jay Cooke State Park, which is supposed to have the very top hiking trails in the state. You can even take in a scenic bridge that goes above the St. Louis River.

What are some towing safety tips I should be considering?

Now that you have the right truck, and you know where you are headed, we want to give you some important towing safety tips. We always want our customers to remain secure at all times. First things first, you need the right equipment for towing, which you will already be getting when you opt for a Ram truck. Another important aspect is to just get comfortable with hitching up your camper. You may want to practice this part before you head out. While driving, give yourself more stopping distance as you are now heavier, and require more time. You should also be looking out for trailer sway (though many Ram trucks have trailer sway control), and anticipate any problems that are around you.

Towing Parts and Services at Coon Rapids CDJR

When you choose Coon Rapids, you are not only getting a dealership with the latest Ram models, but also a service center! Here we can provide you with towing parts, any potential services you need done before your camping trip, and expertise for towing in general. Schedule a service appointment with us here, and we’ll make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.